Mi Social turns data into demonstrable change

Transform social return on investment from a mandated necessity into a personal point of pride, with our industry-certified planning, management and reporting tools.

Mi Social is the only social value tool for the built environment that allows for granular, real-time data capture and accountability tracking against expected outcomes. That’s because, unlike tools that focus only on eventual outputs, our platform captures data as progress occurs. Not only does that real-time capture fuel insightful improvements, but it also provides a source of ongoing, auditable evidence.

Create your own bespoke social value plan for each project, or use one of our pre-configured templates as a starting point, and your entire team will benefit from an always-updating and common understanding of commitments made. Actions can then be tracked throughout delivery and reported on by project, region or activity. This can include anything from delivering workshops in schools to renovating safe housing for those most in need.


Mi Social: delivering evidence of over £90m Social Value Return and helping shape future community plans

Proof, positive

Find out how smarter social value planning and tracking can help you showcase real, meaningful change in the communities you operate in.


Key features

Track real, evidence-based change

Deliver on promises made to the communities you build in with data that paints a picture, and demonstrable results that tell a story. Mi Social helps you track and validate progress at every step of the journey.

Establish Social Value Plans for each Project Apply standard Measures to projects to formulate plans Track performance, easily highlight gaps \ none performing activities Capture results against plans as they occur Roll-up data to get a complete picture of your Social Value Return
Social value planning

Create a robust social value plan per project – either totally bespoke or based on one of our pre-configured templates. Your team can then track, validate and demonstrate real social change as it happens, instead of only at the end of your build.

Advanced capture

We know that continual monitoring is what unlocks project reporting’s true value. It’s why we enable the capture of granular data and auditable evidence as it happens, rather than at the end of the project – letting you action your learnings to drive further change.

Monitor and report

Closely monitor progress against your initial social value plan, and make active interventions as things progress. Time to share your results? Build a stunning, intuitive report designed for internal stakeholders, customers, or any bespoke purpose.

Calculate value

Calculate your project’s Social Return on Investment (SROI) in a meaningful, repeatable way thanks to direct integration with industry standard value models, including TOMS and Pagabo.


Remove paper from your processes

SVP plan ensures commitments delivered

Simple data capture encourages user uptake

Capture auditable and evidential data

Automatic calculation of Social ROI

Provide a complete view of positive community impact

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