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Mi Pre-enrolment is a next-generation digital onboarding and training platform, built specifically for the construction industry to ensure the safest start for your entire workforce.

Our pioneering system allows foremen and site managers to save time, money and resources – and reduce AFR frequency to a minimum – with a consistent and structured four-step training and enrolment process that can even track sub-contractors across multiple sites.

Health and safety compliance, turnstile integration and CSCS validation combine to provide total transparency and site staff management, remotely and in real-time.


Mi Pre-enrolment: enabled a leading contractor to save £1.1m every year since 2013.


This is an excellent example of addressing an industry ‘problem’ with a digital first approach. This product demonstrates a real desire to think more broadly and transform the property sector, with data at the heart of the story.
no.2 Judge at Digital Impact Awards 2018,
Key features

your entire

Mi Pre-Enrolment brings new starters up to speed in record time – handling training, health and safety and onsite registering remotely, and letting your management team focus on the bigger picture.

Supply-chain Registration Fast Site validation GDPR Compliant Automated Management Targeted content Carding System
Seamless CITB integration

Our onboarding and enrolment platform communicates instantaneously with the CITB to check, authorise and return any additional information on your newly-onboarded staff, including their photograph and any relevant memberships.

A single source of truth

Simplify your staffing with a single touchpoint for all operative data – including qualifications, previous employment and performance. Our carding system even allows administrators to issue green, yellow and red cards to operatives based on their onsite behaviour.

Assign roles and specialisms

Easily add relevant training material to your operatives’ onboarding process depending on their specialism, with roles and customisation for entire teams or single members of staff.

Carbon footprint tracking

Keen to keep your project as green as possible? Mi Pre-Enrolment can capture and analyse each team member’s means of travel to and from your sites, allowing the system to calculate and report on their collective carbon emissions.


Be safer on site with proven health and safety results

A random question set for all training materials helps test operative understanding

Provides clear, validated information for all operatives

Enable managers to focus on site-specific inductions

Significantly reduces site administration pressures

Allow operatives to work on multiple sites with one induction

The process


Operatives visit a pre-issued link, click on ‘Get Enrolled’ and enter their CSCS/CITB number and surname.


Enter personal details

If authorisation is successful, the operative must enter a few personal details, including their email address and a password used to set up an account.


Complete the questionnaire

All new operatives must answer a short questionnaire designed to highlight circumstances which may raise safety concerns.



All operatives require a valid CSCS card but many others require additional certificates (such as certification for handling hazardous materials) to operate on site. MIPRE-ENROLMENT allows them to upload scans or photos of their certificates.


Video based Q&A training

The final part of the pre-enrolment process requires the user to watch a series of videos and then answer several multiple-choice questions based on the content.


Enrolled and ready to attend site

On completion of the video Q&A session, MIPRE-ENROLMENT issues the operative with a unique reference number (URN) which they must present to the site team admin when they arrive on site.


Operative arrives on site and submits URN

Having completed their pre-enrolment, the operative arrives on site and submits their URN to the site team admin.


Site team admin checks operative pre-enrolment

The site team admin enters the URN into MIPRE-ENROLMENT which returns the operative’s details. The site team admin checks the information including CSCS details, safety/medical information and the operative’s certificates and qualifications.


Operative is verified

Providing all the information entered corresponds with the occupation of the operative and they hold the appropriate certification, the site team admin tells MIPRE-ENROLMENT that the operative is ‘verified’ and ready to start work.


Operative gets on-site briefing

Full briefing and orientation session takes place and operative begins work.


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