Mi Contract simplifies the legal journey, from setup to ‘sign here’

Get everyone on the same page with a revolutionary digital platform that brings a new kind of clarity to the construction industry’s contracting process. Drawing up contractual agreements traditionally takes time, effort and real-world resources, but MiContract is different – allowing contractors, customers and framework partners to design, amend and execute digital contracts in one streamlined, secure location.

MiContract is as simple as it is powerful. Customisable, industry-standard (JCT and NEC) templates will help you get started in minutes, while comments, changes, and signatories are all updated in real-time.

It’s time to put the printer out to pasture. MiContract enables compliant, transparent contracting that everyone can help formulate and complete digitally – without the version control pain points and back-and-forth costs typical to the industry. No-nonsense notifications mean assignees will always know who needs to act next; signatures are collected via secure integration with DocuSign; and any amendments are made crystal clear for all parties.


MiContract can reduce contract execution by up to 80% faster than conventional means

And for Frameworks, using MiContract helps bring every agreement and process under one roof, which can shine a light on potential bottlenecks. Eliminate the guesswork and drive time-saving insights with full, cross-project visibility.

Contracting, condensed

Cut down on contracting costs. MiContract can bridge the gap between contractors, customers and framework partners – so you can get work started sooner.


Key features

Stop clauses
causing chaos

Keep track of comments, amendments and other changes centrally – and with clear actions all the way to execution. With a single source of truth, it’s impossible to miss or overwrite edits, eliminating scope for any human error.

Sign digitally Contract templates Secure access Personalised dashboards Fully compliant Fully-tracked changes Assign unique permissions Total contract visibility Add files and attachments
Compliance through and through

MiContract has been designed with the built environment in mind, and with industry compliance at its core. Standardised NEC and JCT contracts can easily be built upon or configured – with an inbuilt list of Z Clauses – before then being standardised into templates for future use.

Easy to follow

Standardisation breeds consistency, and consistency breeds understanding – across both businesses and regions. All stakeholders using MiContract will each benefit from a clear view of changes and actions, and can add comments if they have questions or suggestions.

Revolutionary record keeping

Upload and store contracts centrally. Clone completed contracts for future projects. Archive and retrieve document versions whenever you need. MiContract uses Amazon Web Services for infallible, always-on archiving.

Sign securely

Easily assign separate roles for viewing, approving and signing, with varying access and personalised dashboards for each party. Ready to sign? MiContract boasts seamless, cost-saving integration with DocuSign, the world’s leading electronic signature solution.


Proven to reduce contract execution times by 80%

Fully-guided process with clear outcomes

Templated contracts to get things moving

Rigorous compliance and NEC4 + GCT compatibility

Minimise risk with rock-solid version control

Make printing and courier costs a thing of the past

The process

Template creation

Choose from a range of frameworks and existing templates, or create and add your own for repeat use.


Project setup

Administrators use created or pre-made templates to configure the project and assign stakeholders.

Contract drafting

Build out your contract, adding files and attachments; comments and suggestions; and flagging any issues.

Amends and agreement

Relevant stakeholders can all review remotely, adding comments or making amends where necessary.

Sign digitally

Stakeholders then review and accept all final changes, before signing using DocuSign’s secure eSignature platform.


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