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Set, smash and share your KPIs with Mi Performance

Tracking your project’s performance as it happens helps highlight areas for improvement and celebrate the everyday wins. Mi Performance creates stunning, audit-ready datasets for any KPI you can imagine.

Keep social value planning on track with Mi Social

You need to show real-world social value, and we can help. Map completely customisable social value plans, monitor their progress and easily report on social return on investment (SROI) – with a single, streamlined tool.

Start safe, build smarter with Mi Pre-enrolment

Onboard your workforce the smart way with CITB and CSCS-certified enrolment. With us, you can train remotely, track behaviour in real-time, and even reward exemplary safety practices.

Who we do it for

Main Contractors

Our solutions help contractors achieve 100% compliance, enjoy truly end-to-end social value tracking and reduce AFRs. With Mi Performance, Mi Social and Mi Pre-enrolment, you’ll save time, resource and effort, all while gaining a holistic view of every step of the construction process – from onboarding and training through to KPI delivery.


Unlock a whole new level of digital, auditable project governance with optimised performance management tools to suit your needs. Our platforms promote trust and transparency between frameworks and contractors through rich data, and via insight that removes the risk of false reporting. With an end-to-end digital process that keeps KPI standards under control, framework owners can enjoy total oversight, aggregation and analysis across the entire supply chain.


Airtight reporting and data transfer tools ensure smooth communication between you and your contracting base, with insight available in real time. What’s more, we’ll work with your contractors to fully embed our digital governance processes into their workflow, up-skilling everyone who needs access and ensuring that no progress goes untracked.

Asset owner / occupiers

Work more closely with project partners than ever before, with intelligent data that helps guarantee compliance, drive consistency and attain full KPI delivery. Mi Performance and Mi Social can help you map and meet any number of stringent construction or societal goals, with data that translates easily into tangible proof of promise.

Main Contractors
Asset owner / occupiers

Our solutions

Mi Performance

Run rings around your KPIs with a suite of measurement tools specifically designed for the built environment – with out-of-the-box compliance against all major UK frameworks. Enjoy truly digital, end-to-end data management – from capture and validation to submission – with pre-configured industry standard templates and fully-customisable goals.

Mi Performance is the proven KPI measurement and project delivery solution for contractors, framework providers and real estate owners across the UK, allowing for entirely new levels of consistency and data-driven improvement.

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Mi Social

Transform social return on investment from a mandated necessity into a personal point of pride, with our industry-certified planning, management and reporting tools.

Capture the broadest benefits and most granular goals alike, with social activity reporting that adapts to your needs. Mi Social’s ability to monitor value creation in real time can dramatically increase stakeholder buy-in, as well as provide an invaluable source of evidential audit data.

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Mi Pre-enrolment

Start smarter. Mi Pre-enrolment provides complete health and safety training for everyone – from contractors to visitors – before a single boot lands onsite.

With a raft of ever-updating features, including turnstile integration and sub-contractor operative management, our digital platform is your essential solution for lowering AFRs, driving consistency and significantly reducing site management resource.

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Mi Contract

Drawing up contractual agreements traditionally takes time, effort and real-world resources, but MiContract is different – allowing contractors, customers and framework partners to design, amend and execute digital contracts in one streamlined, secure location.

MiContract is as simple as it is powerful. Customisable, industry-standard (JCT and NEC) templates will help you get started in minutes, while comments, changes, and signatories are all updated in real-time.


Mi Contract

Secure. Scalable. Smart. Supported.

All Mi Project Solutions are digital-first, web-based and built to scale and adapt alongside your business.

Our solutions’ robust SaaS architecture means you never have to worry about upgrades, hosting or customer service.

Our platform is hosted using AWS – one of the most secure and flexible data infrastructures in the world – and delivered through an isolated virtual environment that guarantees complete data privacy alongside full ISO27011 compliance.

Need help? Our dedicated, always-on support team are intimately involved in the design and delivery of all our new products and updates, ensuring a deep understanding of every feature on offer.

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