Willmott Dixon Shares How MiPerformance Has Created Cost Savings of Over £1m Each Year 

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May 5th, 2022
Willmott Dixon Shares How MiPerformance Has Created Cost Savings of Over £1m Each Year 
MiProject Solutions is saving one of the UK’s biggest contractors more than £1m a year in labour costs due to efficiencies driven by the MiPerformance platform.

Willmott Dixon is one of MiProject Solutions’ longest-standing clients, and attributes the £1.1m per year savings to its ability to streamline admin duties to support time-poor staff, while ensuring watertight information security management and KPI monitoring. 

The platform provides a sophisticated user interface, which focuses on KPI setting and generating the forecasts and insights needed to support continuous improvement. 

Scott Corey, strategic accounts and services director at Willmott Dixon, has played an instrumental role in the adoption of MiPerformance at Willmott Dixon and shares his experience. 

What led you to use MiPerformance? 

We are proud to be the first contractor to use MiPerformance. For us, the investment followed our appointment to the SCAPE framework seven years ago, as it became clear that we needed to find new tools to accurately calculate local spend and social value.  

Its success led several other contractors on the framework to also adopt the platform – as it created clear, transparent KPI and performance analysis across its delivery partners in one window. Importantly, this data is also secure and reliable from a GDPR standpoint. This platform is now actively endorsed by SCAPE, and now other framework providers have also benefited from access to real-time data and analysis. This product has provided us with a competitive edge. 

How has the platform been adopted internally? 

We have seen the sophistication of the platform develop to accommodate our growing data demands. We are now seeing the system track 20 data collection points per project across all our sites and operations. 

It is also being used to track our internal KPIs and has been configured to pull a wide range of data from our key internal information systems – including our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and CSCS system, to serve as our central hub of all knowledge. 

We can clearly and confidently pull relationship and performance data from across any project we have delivered since, to provide unbiased forecasts and analysis – which is like gold dust to the construction industry. The platform has provided unrivalled flexibility to maximise the value of data, and the MiProject’s team hands-on approach has made this a seamless process. So far, nothing has been impossible for them.  

In its first year or two, MiPerformance took employees some warming up to, but when its benefits became clear, and they saw how the platform saved them time and money, they loved it. Those that are responsible for entering the data do so religiously, and it’s now firmly built into our culture of continuous improvement. We rolled out a training programme for the system, and it’s part of the induction for new employees. The platform is accessible and very user friendly so thankfully it has been a smooth process – but engaging colleagues in the process has been paramount to its success.” 

What benefits have you experienced? 

The benefits of the platform are wide ranging. It has slashed time spent on preparing bids, collating information for awards entries, demonstrating our value to potential clients and demonstrating our eligibility for accreditations.  

The admin process is also streamlined, with the platform cutting time spent on admin by over 50%. We calculated that labour costs saved Willmott Dixon £1.1m, with its value continuing to expand with the company’s growth. 

The platform has reduced the opportunity for human error by generating alarms and alerts to help gear us towards our deadlines, and even suggests improvement actions. For us, it has been the complete digital portal and virtual assistant in one.  

Unlike some of my experiences with other technology providers, MiProject have been consistent with their promises on time and cost and offer swift service that extends far beyond the initial ‘snagging’ period – which is why we have retained our confidence in the platform for the past seven years. 

What benefits have your customers experienced? 

Framework providers are increasingly aware that a unified approach to digital data entry creates greater transparency and certainty of delivery. It also helps to build trust and cultivate strong working relationships. We see platforms such as MiPerformance signalling a significant cultural change in the sector. 

For example, we are delivering a number of projects on behalf of Liverpool City Council, allowing the client to review key data across all our sites, and even compare and contrast performance. They have confidence the reports generated are true, and we can open honest dialogue about the steps required to bring projects in line with set targets and show when a project has gone above and beyond expectations. 

The system can go some way in recording customer satisfaction – but behind the scenes, we’ve witnessed its ability to spot vulnerabilities, keep teams on track and accountable, and encourage constructive conversations at all levels. This is ultimately driving performance behind reaching internal and external KPIs at Willmott Dixon, and is a system that we anticipate will become the ‘norm’ in the industry.  

Data doesn’t have to be such a challenge or a taboo subject, and we are proof of that. 

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