The Induction Reduction

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June 6th, 2022
The Induction Reduction
“It is extremely satisfying to be involved at the start of something and watch the seed of an idea grow into something truly useful and potentially beneficial for an entire industry.” Mark French, chief health, safety and environment officer at Willmott Dixon, speaks from personal experience because four years ago he started working with us to get smart with the site induction process. Our goal? To remove the dreaded ‘I’ word from everyone’s day-to-day vocabulary.

Sharing his thoughts on the success of Mi Pre-enrolment, Mark said: “Traditional inductions just don’t work. They haven’t evolved enough to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. We might have moved from paper, via VC and CDROM, to the internet, but sites are simply not the best place to sit inductions. Compound this with repeated viewings of the same stock material, regardless of how relevant it is to the operative, and you have the recipe for a disengaged and alienated workforce – the exact opposite of the fresh, focussed and receptive result you were trying to create.

“And what about the sheer waste of time? A ground works team of five people can easily cover 10 sites in a year. If they are spending two hours each on 10 site inductions, that is 100 hours of productive time up in smoke, which does not include the time spent by the site admin team.

“To overcome these issues, we created a digital solution called Mi Pre-enrolment. This product enables site operatives to register and enrol off-site, in their own time. It captures essential information and delivers educational videos that are tailored to their role. The course of videos are focused on our business’ over-arching minimum standards and only need to be completed once every 12 months – regardless of how many sites are attended.

“What’s more, when operatives turn up to site, the site admin team get a set of accurate information, up to date CSCS checks, work history, and date of previous electronic pre-enrolment. This results in zero paperwork and 100 per cent focus on site specific orienteering, meaning our previous 100-hour estimate for a team of five can easily be reduced by 50 per cent. More importantly, not wasting their time with thoughtless repeated video screenings demonstrates that we respect our site operatives’ professionalism.

“The introduction of Mi pre-enrolment has been a huge success, delivering annual savings in excess of seven figures. The product is loved across the business and throughout our supply-chain as the benefits are multiplied across all stakeholders. We have also seen a substantial boost to operational focus which has led to a significant decline in our AFRs.

“We are always striving to make the software easier to use and more functional. Our ambition is still to deliver a workforce in the right frame of mind to get to work. If this leads to even safer construction sites and a reduction in unproductive time, it’s one of those win-win situations that gets my backing.”

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