Bridge The Gap or Fall Behind

Words by
Dominic Howkins
Published on
May 5th, 2022
Bridge The Gap or Fall Behind
The information gap between contractors, framework providers and customers is the biggest barrier to ensuring compliance across the board, says the director of a leading built environment technology solution.

Martin Ward of MiProject Solutions – which works with major contractors and frameworks to ensure compliance on digital frameworks – believes that the key points raised by the Construction Playbook and the recent Mosey Report can only be addressed with the introduction of better digital tools.

Ward will be one of the keynote speakers at the Built Environment Networking National Framework & Procurement Conference, where he will present on how to optimise performance through digital frameworks.

Ward said: “The construction industry is currently in a critical phase of flux. The recent Mosey Report on the framework gold standard has shone a harsh light on the process side of framework management, most notably how processes can be made more efficient.”

“By the same token, the ambitious aims of the Construction Playbook around embracing collaboration and digital innovation are setting a high bar for frameworks to meet.

“Compliance is crucial to the smooth running of frameworks, but the problem that the industry faces at the moment is that there is a real information gap between the contractor, the framework provider and the customer.”

“While this is a huge issue, it isn’t insurmountable. By introducing tools which capture, report and analyse outcomes throughout a project’s lifecycle, you create a golden thread which pulls everything together, ensuring more accurate governance from the customer through to the contractor and delivering a true value toolkit”

The construction industry veteran also believes that digital frameworks will be a key driver for change, especially by drawing the untapped potential of the sheer amounts of raw data generated.

Martin Ward is leading Built Environment Networking National Framework & Procurement Conference’s ‘Best Practice Presentation’ at 1pm on Wednesday, 2 February. To register for the event, click here.

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