Pioneering digital governance in the built environment

Mi Project Solutions provides the built environment with a suite of transformative digital governance tools. Leading contractors, respected frameworks and asset owners across the UK trust us to unlock the hidden value in their data – saving time, reducing risk, and seamlessly tracking enrolment, performance and societal KPIs. Our platforms ensure outcome certainty by changing the built environment’s digital landscape.

Our Vision

To unify the UK’s
built environment
through powerful,
purpose-driven data

Our Heritage

The industry’s future, decades in the making

Our mission to empower next-level performance within the built environment is a spark first ignited through decades of experience from industry icons Willmott Dixon.

Now an independent business, Mi Project Solutions Ltd builds on that longstanding pedigree with pioneering technology and human-first insight – delivering solutions that enhance customer value, collaboration and industry improvement.

Our values


We believe in the power of accessible data. By making industry insights readily visible, scalable and shareable, we can transform the built environment for the better.


We believe that the future of digital governance relies not only on the effective collection, measurement and visualisation of data – but on our drive and passion to unify that data for the whole industry’s benefit.


Raw data only becomes useful when it’s laser-focussed and easy to interpret. That’s why our digital products are designed to exist at the cross-section of industry-leading sophistication and extreme ease of use.


Powerful data collection. Unrivalled accessibility. The ability to pinpoint and evidence impact on a granular scale. Our goal is to continue to combine these tenets, providing the industry with an open, infallible, single source of truth.

Building a sustainable future

Achieving a more eco-friendly future lies at the heart of everything we do. Our solutions enable our partners to deliver in smarter, more traceable and more efficient ways – helping them track and measure against sustainability commitments at every step. Our planet-first in-house policies, meanwhile, help us at Mi Project Solutions avoid waste and emissions wherever possible.


sheets of paper saved on average per client

Why Mi Project Solutions

Promise & Proof

Promise & Proof

Our ability to funnel complex digital governance data into simple, understandable and auditable outcome reporting makes us the industry’s only true solution when it comes to delivering on every promise made.



The ability and agility to create and support fully secure and compliant digital platforms thanks to a dedicated team of developers and software engineers.

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

We’ve helped support £100b worth of project value over the past eight years – developing technology platforms that solve complex data workstreams for those working in the built environment. Our in-depth understanding of the challenges faced, and the Playbook metrics expected, means we create solutions that set a new standard for the industry.

Data you understand

Data you understand

Our platforms simplify data capture and the aggregation of information. Giving you valuable, easy to understand real-time data which provides greater insights. Insights that can drive decision making from marginal gains to improvements on how projects are delivered.

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